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About Us

Adrienne smiling at camera
Adam getting kissed by a dog

My name is Adrienne Wyse and I rescue senior, hospice, and special needs dogs during my travels.

Several years ago my husband Adam and I were dropping a donation off at a local shelter when a couple came in to surrender their dog. He was very old and blind. They tied his leash to a hook on the wall while they completed the paper work to surrender him and then left without even giving him a pat on the head. He knew that he had been betrayed and stood there crying and shaking.

Watching him I had tears streaming down my face.

On a whim we brought him home with us and named him Charlie because his family did not even bother to tell the shelter his name. We saw his confusion at being in a new place with people that weren’t his and saw the sadness that he felt at this sudden life change.

We tried our hardest to make him feel happy and at home. Eventually he settled in but I am sure that he felt that it still wasn’t home. Unfortunately within a few weeks we learned that he was suffering from cancer and we had to say goodbye to him. His loss devastated us and we wondered how his family had walked away from him in his time of need. We decided then that we would save as many seniors as we could and make their lives as happy as we can in the time that they have left.

We believe we were selected for this mission. 

It has been a great and rewarding life for us and hopefully we have made a difference in the lives that we have been lucky enough to share!

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