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A Spoiled Rotten Story

Bessie in a field of lupine flowers

Bessie is the matriarch and crown jewel of Forgotten To Spoiled Rotten Sanctuary, but it was not always that way for her.

Before Bessie entered our lives, she endured hardships that touched our hearts deeply.


Hidden amidst the shadows of a neglected part of town, Bessie was found alone, seeking shelter within overgrown bushes. Her fragile frame bore witness to prolonged hunger, and her jaw bore the weight of multiple fractures. Clad in a worn, homemade dress, she clung to a tiny collar, a symbol of an absent owner. Sadly, nobody came forward to claim her, leading her to find solace in our senior sanctuary.

Bessie sits up and poses for the camera.
Bessie is snuggled into a comfy blanket

Bessie faced numerous challenges on her journey to health

Upon her arrival, it became evident that her broken jaw required urgent attention. We sought the expertise of an oral surgeon to assess the damage and explore possible solutions. The fractures were a result of abscessed teeth, necessitating the removal of the remaining decayed teeth and providing some stability to her injured jaw.

During the spaying procedure, an unforeseen complication arose—a life-threatening infection known as Pyometra. With diligent care, we treated the infection, allowing Bessie to experience significant relief and an improved quality of life.

Further examinations revealed that Bessie had also fallen victim to heartworm disease, a condition transmitted by mosquitoes and potentially fatal if left untreated. Swift action was taken, and Bessie underwent the necessary treatment to eliminate the parasites from her heart. Gradually, her health improved, and her resilience shone through.

Bessie on the table with tortilla chip crumbs at her feet
Bessie is snuggled into a comfy blanket

Today, she’s the queen of the castle.

During the past five years, Bessie has become an inseparable companion, joining me on daily adventures. Whether it’s accompanying me to work or running errands, Bessie’s unwavering loyalty and determination have touched the hearts of many. She has become a familiar face at her favorite spots, like Sonic or Chick-fil-A, where she is adored by the staff and customers alike.

Bessie carries herself with pride, and is happy to show her remaining three teeth when she is feeling feisty!

Each night, as we settle down to sleep, Bessie finds her place on my shoulder, reassured by the words of love and affection I whisper in her ear. Bessie, our beloved queen, is a living testament that our past does not define us, and that with love and care, we can overcome adversity and embrace a brighter future.

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