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A Spoiled Rotten Story


Empty buildings and abandoned vehicles provided meager shelter for Manny and his owner during his early years.

Manny was loved by the homeless community in his town.


His life unfolded amidst the unforgiving streets, where he shared the hardships of homelessness with a woman battling her own mental health struggles. As his owner was incarcerated for short periods of time, Manny found himself passed between the compassionate hands of the homeless community, becoming a temporary ward during her absences.

Manny sleeping on his back, showing his belly. Snug as a bug!

It became evident that Manny would need a stable home

Manny’s owner was facing years of incarceration, and his future was uncertain. Fortunately, his owner’s attorney secured a loving home for Manny with an elderly couple who adored him. After many joyful years, their declining health necessitated a change, leading him to our care. We maintain a cherished connection with his former guardians, sharing updates and photos of their beloved boy.

Bessie on the table with tortilla chip crumbs at her feet
Bessie is snuggled into a comfy blanket

In his twilight years, Manny is showered with love and comfort.

Manny is a very spunky little guy who stares me down with his one good eye if he thinks I am trying to go somewhere without him. He gives me at least a thousand kisses every night before bed and has so much personality in his tiny 2.8 pound body!!

Though Manny faces heart and trachea conditions, his age of 17 does not hinder his zest for living the best life ever. We love him to bits!

July 2023 update: It’s with a heavy heart that we report Manny’s passing. I remember the day I drove to Arkansas to pick him up. It was love at first sight for both of us. He was my constant companion, secret keeper and best boy. He gave me at least a hundred kisses every night before bed before he curled his tiny body up right next to me. The only thing he loved more than me was Sonic and I made sure he got to go there often. This wound is deep and it will take a long time to even begin to heal. He was a very, very special boy and his absence is deeply felt. Manny, I love you now and forever. God blessed us with you. – Adrienne

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Bessie is snuggled into a comfy blanket

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