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A Spoiled Rotten Story


Sidney transformed from broken and bruised to boss!

Sidney’s journey began as a stray, navigating the harsh realities of life in a daunting and unfriendly part of town.

Manny sleeping on his back, showing his belly. Snug as a bug!

Eventually, fate led her to a local shelter, where the scars of her difficult past were all too evident. Her broken jaw, infected eyes and ears, and heartworm-positive status spoke volumes about her life prior to arriving at the shelter. Neglected and uncared for, her coat was a tangled, matted mess, and her overgrown nails caused pain with every step.

We were determined to give Sidney the life she deserved. First up was taking immediate action by scheduling her spaying procedure and starting her heartworm treatment. We addressed her eye and ear infections with care and sought the expertise of a skilled oral surgeon to mend her fractured jaw and provide relief from pain.

The mats and tangles gave way to a surprising revelation

A tiny four-pound girl emerged from beneath the unkempt facade. Sidney’s transformation was profound, leaving behind her quiet, shy demeanor and embracing a newfound strength that demanded attention.

Bessie on the table with tortilla chip crumbs at her feet
Bessie is snuggled into a comfy blanket

Since that time, Sidney has reigned supreme, the undisputed ruler of our abode.

Her commanding voice and piercing side-eye leave no room for defiance! Whether in the car or in the office, she stands as an integral part of our crew, a constant presence by my side. With eyes that hold the depth of a soul, she remains ever attuned to my emotions. Sidney has become more than a loyal companion; she is one of my best friends, my secret keeper, my comfort on tough days, my rescue partner and she can make me laugh faster than anyone with her sassy attitude! But if she gets mad look out!

Receiving the call to bring Sidney into our lives was a moment of profound gratitude. In countless ways, she has enriched our existence, becoming a cherished member of our family. Dear Sidders, our love for you knows no bounds!

Bessie is snuggled into a comfy blanket

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